01/21/2011 email sent to Dr. Miller

It just occurred to me that I have no pain anywhere in my body at this moment. When this occurred to me, I did a mental check of all quadrants – sure enough, no pain. I cannot even remember the last time I was able to say that – possibly when I was in grade school.

Six months ago, when someone asked me what my “goal” was for my pain level, I didn’t even dream of saying zero because I didn’t think it was possible. Unbelievable.

I can never thank you enough.

Jennifer H.

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I met Dr. Miller in the spring of 2011 while I was caring for my ill mother in Davey, NE. For over 6 years I had suffered from the constant pain & disability of fibromyalgia. The pain and stiffness had slowly decreased my ability to work, think or function with any normality. I could not walk into Walmart any faster than someone 30 years older than me, and I was only 55 years old! It didn’t help that I also had rheumatoid arthritis and pain from my hands and feet were starting to create additional sharp hard pain and stiffness. Each day was about deciding how to cope with the most painful areas and calm the body storm. I was taking 3 different prescriptions to try and keep the agony at bay. Cognitive and judgment skills are very impaired when you live in daily pain. At best I could maintain only conversation and occasional appearances at church or family events, all the while disguising the full extent of my suffering. Life just doesn’t have the same fullness and enjoyment when the mind is hijacked while trying to cope with all that is going on inside a body. Migraines and mental fog are a part of the program for me and so it was that I began to adjust to the new normal in my life. Resigning myself to just accept whatever God placed in my life for each day explains exactly how I felt. Worse yet once your family and friends accept that resignation they unwittingly become enablers, with the best of intentions to ‘help’ you take care of yourself. In other words, a low expectation from others was something I actually became grateful for. In a few short years, I was not asked to take part in much of anything. that for me would have provided my self esteem and fulfillment. I scoured the web constantly looking for anything valid, supplements, exercise, diets, pressure points, you name it and it is out there as some sort of relief from fibromyalgia. Mind boggling and overwhelming are the words I use to describe my attempt for my own self-care.

Piecing together this and that but ultimately caving into the aching and pain. I don’t feel good, I hurt, and I can’t walk to get groceries much less think about going for a walk for exercise. Then I found Doc Miller on a web search & ordered the DVD immediately. This information made sense, so I went in to see what he had to say. The one thing I remember most on that first visit was his ‘optimism’; I quote that because he had to continue reminding me that there are better days ahead. I didn’t believe him really, because unless you have this condition another person has no clue. But I tried at first. Then he put me on some supplements, and in one single week, I no longer felt I was pulling a tugboat behind me. I could walk, really walk with a freed sense of movement and energy! Slowly he began to remove each single straw off of this camel’s back. You see, statistics show that people with fibro (men & women) tend to take on burdens that aren’t necessarily their own. We eventually cave ourselves in from the lack of our own mind, body & spirit maintenance. I learned so much from him and have learned to take confidence in the knowledge he had to share. I use the plan of self care he has taught me every single day. The priceless gift he has given is that of a coach. Someone who supports you mentally, physically & spiritually. You cannot find better days ahead if you give up. You need a plan and you need a coach to help your brain to create the strength and build on the neuropathways; thereby releasing endorphins which can help you find the joy in living, moving and doing for yourself again. Without a coach it is just a matter of time before my own permanent resignation. Then who would have helped me find those better days ahead? As I said I use the knowledge I have learned every day. Even as I write this my body aches & the joints in my hands are hurting, because I have not yet begun to breathe and move and pull together as a whole person to begin my day and draw the vital energy and strength into my body. I may only get 6-8 hours of pure joyful relief but that is so much more than the very sad person I was 6 years ago. Now I can maintain my family life and make plans with others. I even started a small business with my limited energy about 3 years ago and now quite suddenly it is taking off and my days are fruitful and filled with productivity & joy. So excuse me if I sing praises to Doc Miller but honestly, had I not had the last ounce of faith to trust in him, I would have lost interest in myself and given up to medications, TV and disability checks. I hope you too can find the help you need.

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