LASER is an acronym for Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation . Low Level Laser Therapy is the application of specific wavelengths of coherent laser. Select laser light wavelengths in the red light and infrared spectrum supply the tissues at a cellular level with photons and electrons.

What does Laser Therapy Do?

In a nutshell, Low Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) causes tissues to heal faster: muscle, skin, and nerve tissue, 66% faster according to an FDA study.

Specifically, LLLT works at the cellular level. Human cells produce a chemical known as ATP (adenosine triphosphate) to run the body and heal tissue. All our of body’s activities result from the use of ATP, it’s like gasoline to a car. LLLT stimulates a micro-structure within the cells called the mitochondria (the “powerhouse” of the cell because it produces ATP) to produce slightly higher amounts of ATP. Thus with more ATP at the cell level, tissues heal faster, and therefore relief comes quicker.

Super Pulsed Laser Therapy

The most optimal mechanism for Laser delivery!

  • Highest photon density with lowest thermal impact to tissue
  • Higher peak power with greatest degree of safety of any therapeutic laser available
  • Delivers controlled therapeutic energy deep into tissue more effectively than Continuous Wave and pulsed-modulated lasers while preserving the overlying skin
  • Allows unique control of depth / power of laser energy

Conditions and Symptoms Addressed

As is true of many alternative therapies, you may receive alternative benefits to being treated, IN ADDITION TO what you wanted fixed in the first place. This is because the ATP being produced is “systemic”, meaning although we’re focusing the laser on a particular area, the ATP is ultimately being sent throughout your entire body. The list of symptoms responding to LLLT is growing, and more valid research is being performed on a daily basis.

Acute & Chronic Pain
Carpal Tunnel
Neuropathy Sciatica
Neck & Back Pain
Sports Injuries
Headaches & Migraines
Scars & Scar Tissue
Nerve & Disc Pain

Number of Treatments needed:

4-12 treatments are necessary to begin the healing process of tissue, although in some cases relief can begin immediately. Maximum treatment would be 1 time per day per area, minimum would be 1 time per week to still see results. Multiple areas of complaint may be treated. The treatment cycle may need to be repeated, and eventually spread out.

MultiRadiance is the same laser therapy used by Olympic and Professional Athletes.

Basketball: Chicago, Cleveland, Dallas, Los Angeles, Memphis, San Antonio, U of Kentucky
Baseball: Cincinnati, Kansas City, Minnesota, Seatle
Football: Atlanta, Detroit, Kansas City, San Fransisco, St. Louis, Michigan State U., Stanford U.
Soccer: Chicago, Colorado, Dallas, Kansas City, Houston, Salt Lake, Russian Natl Soccer Team
Hockey: Anaheim, Calgary, Chicago, Colorado, LA, Montreal, New York, Ottawa, San Jose, Vancouver

June 11, 2014

I was having severe knee pain that was waking me in the night, limiting walking to around 4000 steps a day, creating increased pain when going up and down the stairs and keeping from playing soccer with my grandkids. I saw an orthopedic surgeon and received an injection with minimal benefit. The pain continued and my activity tolerance was declining when I saw an ad in the paper from Dr. Chad Miller at CNS Rehab. The ad was offering an assessment of knee pain, laser treatments and a plan of care.

I found Dr. Miller and his assistant, Amie, to be very professional, positive and encouraging. After the assessment, initiation of the plan of care and laser treatments, I experienced an immediate improvement. Using the daily exercise program in addition to the laser treatments, my activity tolerance continues to increase. I have no pain, am able to walk 10,000+ steps a day, mow the lawn and get down on my knees to plant flowers. And, best of all, I can play soccer and play the “bet you can’t catch me, Grandma” game with my grandkids!

I will not hesitate to return to the clinic if the knee pain returns.

M. Jackson, Lincoln

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