Chronic knee pain can be agonizing, making it impossible to live a normal, active life.

Sitting on the floor to play with kids or grandkids is unbearable when painful knees feel like they’re on fire.

Even getting a good night’s sleep is rare when relentless knee pain throbs all night long.

Daily activities that used to be second nature become burdensome when knees burn with every step.

Being active and agile feels impossible when the knee pain just won’t go away.

Continuing to ignore the pain may evolve into increased joint damage, disability, and pain.

Healthy knees are essential for most normal activities. When knees are weakened or injured, it can be the most piercing joint pain known to man.

There is Hope!

Our Knee Pain Treatment Succeeds Where Other Treatment Methods Fail

We use more than one approach to attack the problem!

The Go-To Option When Looking To Avoid Surgery!

1. “Visco”

Viscosupplementation consists of injection of exogenous hyaluronic acid into diarthrodial joints, with the aim of restoring the rheological properties of the synovial fluid, thereby producing mechanical, analgesic, anti-inflammatory and chondroprotective effects. Your relief from symptoms may last for several months. If viscosupplementation is effective for you, you may be able to repeat the injection (or series of injections) in 6 months or so.
  • Reduces pain and inflammation
  • Re-lubricates the joint for better mobility
  • Realigns the joint for better mobility
  • Strengthens the joint for true, long-term relief
  • Enhances the healing of ligaments and tissues

2. Physical Therapy

Simply injecting the knee with repair promoting Visco is good but evaluating and correcting the mechanical aspect of the knee function is the key to getting better, lasting results.  If the knee is not articulating the way it should, the wear and tear continues.  Our physical therapist works closely with our medical provider to ensure the knee is moving the way it should and allowing the Visco to do its thing as efficiently and effectively as possible.

Top 6 Benefits of Our Knee Treatments

We are amazed every day by the success our patients are experiencing!  Our unique protocol for knee pain for osteoarthritis and chronic knee pain has enabled our patients to reduce or even eliminate knee pain of the worst kind.  Our patients report the following top 6 benefits from our knee pain relief treatments:

1. Have More Energy

Knee pain takes over every aspect of your life. It’s hard to walk, enjoy time with friends, and even sleep.  How many nights have you tossed and turned getting up with a throbbing knee?  Our patients report having more energy and vitality after our treatments.  Imagine how good you are going to feel without knee pain!

2. Improve Your Mobility

There is nothing worse than being unable to get around.  Having to ask for help, use a walker, or even a wheelchair.  Chronic knee pain can impact your ability to drive, go for healthy walks, and do the things you love like playing golf or spending time in the garden.  Restore your ability to walk around and feel free to do whatever you want.  Don’t waste another day living with pain.

3. No More Pills

Imagine no more waiting in line at the pharmacy.  No more days feeling constipated and tired from the pain medication you have to take for your knee.  Our patients experience fast and long- lasting relief with our knee pain treatments using TriVisc and natural therapies.  Go ahead and plan that next vacation without worrying about whether or not you will have fun because of your pain.  Freedom from pain is a simple phone call away.

4. Regain Your Ability to Exercise

We all know how important it is to exercise on a regular basis, something that is very difficult to do with chronic knee pain.  We get it.  It’s hard enough to stay motivated to exercise without the pain.  After your treatment with us you should be able to start exercising again.  Go on long walks, play ball, maybe get back out there on the golf course.  Without pain, you can finally get back to do the things you love!

5. Improve Your Quality of Life

We all understand that we have a limited amount of time here on Earth.  How valuable is your time?  How much is a day worth to you?  Living in pain can feel as though you are not really “living” a life at all.  You are frustrated, grumpy, and just plain worn-out from feeling pain all the time.  Our knee treatment patients report having an increased feeling of vitality and aliveness.  How would your life be different if you didn’t have to live with pain?  We can’t wait for you to find out!

6. Wake Up Without Pain

When that alarm goes off, what is the first thing you think about?  Is it your knee pain?  That is the reality for some people, and the first sign that knee pain has taken over your life.  Imagine waking up, lying there in bed and not having to wonder if that first step is going to be excruciating.  You can get up, go to the bathroom, jump into the shower and get dressed; all without knee pain.  These results are typical in our office and patients report waking up feeling refreshed and excited to start the day without pain.