The perception of pain is a very intimate experience. No two people experience pain in the same way. What we truly know when someone perceives pain is that the areas of the brain that are involved with that particular pain perception, have been activated – nothing else can be assumed. An example of this would be with someone with an amputation and experiencing pain in a foot that is no longer there. I have had people tell me exactly where their pain was located – on the missing foot!

Therefore tracking pain is not a good way to follow the progress of your case.It is very possible you will be out of pain very quickly but still have issues within the system.Until the proper neuroplasticity is built within your nervous system, treatment should continue, no matter your level of pain or lack thereof.The neurological exam is paramount to gauging your progress and you will continue to be evaluated on every office visit to make sure your case is progressing appropriately and that the brain-based care of a Chiropractic Neurologist is right for you.

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