Frequently, our time is spent treating patients with vertigo, dizziness and dysequilibrium/balance loss.child.jpg Most of these patients have failed conventional medical therapies, which are often actually made worse through the use of inappropriate drug therapies, and come to our office typically as a last resort before giving up all hope. Fortunately, the vast majority of these patients do report improvement within 6 visits, with most achieving complete recovery within 10-15 visits. On average, our patients report seeing numerous medical specialists prior to visiting us. They typically have a roster of lab tests and a grocery bag full of pills

If this describes you, then we invite you to come in for a free consultation, one on one with the doctor, no cost, no obligations. Just discuss your situation and get answers to questions that you may have prior to considering treatment.

Take our balance self test to aid in determining if your balance needs some work.


As Dysequilibrium can be caused by anything affecting the natural left to right balance of the brain, it is imperative that a proper examination be performed prior to the undertaking of any treatment. Most patients with dysequilibrium disorders are inadequately treated with drug therapy, only to find their condition worsening. This disorder can only be properly treated through specific rehabilitation, and this must be performed in accordance with the actual loss for beneficial results to occur.

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